15 year-old Tori Molnar’s Utoria helps young women make their entrepreneurial dreams come true

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Tori Molnar is the 15 year-old founder of Utoria, LLC. a company “that assists and educates young women in becoming entrepreneurs and/or business women, partners with small businesses to give them brand exposure through the direct sales model, and allows young women a fun way to make money while building communities.”

Founder of Utoria and She Can Make a Change

Founder of Utoria and She Can Make a Change

Tori revealed that her decision to create Utoria in 2010 was triggered by witnessing a “desperation in my friends to find a job or earn money. I live in a very rural area so there are plenty of jobs to go around for the guys, and that is why Utoria is “girls only”. Another motivation came from the difference I saw in my life with entrepreneurial parents, and my peers’ lives. I really wanted to give girls the same experiences and opportunities I’ve had my whole life.” Through her company, Tori wished to establish a community where young women could come for knowledge and resources, but also to fundraise for their existing or intended businesses. Six months after setting up her first business, the young entrepreneur founded another organization, “She Can Make Change,” aiming at helping young women “learn how to make positive ‘Change’ for themselves and the world around them.”

Tori believes that being an entrepreneur at an early age is a great advantage, because, since she is not yet an expert in business, she is more willing to take risks and recover from her mistakes. One of Tori’s greatest challenges is that sometimes big corporations do not take her seriously on account of her young age. Nevertheless, the creative teen has found ways to circumvent this problem, by either setting up meeting in person where she can demonstrate her professionalism beyond her age or send professional emails about her organization that do not mention her age.

While being a successful and ambitious teenager, Tori has had to overcome significant obstacles in her life. She has suffered from Cerebral Palsy since the age of two, when doctors told her mother she would not be able to walk. Refusing to accept that, her mother incorporated small practices in her life,  such as Tae Bo, yoga and run laps around the backyard and walking from the last parking spot to the shopping center, which helped Tori defy the doctors’ verdict, as she is now able to walk.

You can learn more about the inspiring teen’s organizations here:

Twitter: @myutoria@shecanmakechange

Websites: My Utoria She Can Make Change


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