The Middle East

International Summer Camp and Workshop in Palestine “An-Najah National University in Nablus, Palestine is pleased to announce an International Spring Camp Program for 2014. Facilitated by Zajel, the International Youth Exchange Program of the Public Relations Department will host a ten days long enculturation and education for our guests that will shed light on the Palestinian experience. An-Najah National University kindly invites people from across the world to explore this opportunity and to engage academically, culturally and socially with our university and the people of Palestine.” – Deadline: February 23, 2014

Leadership Institute for Secondary School Teachers “All eligible organization are invited to submit project on Leadership Institute for Secondary School Teachers under The Public Affairs Section of the U.S. Embassy in Islamabad. The purpose of this program is to equip Pakistani secondary school teachers and administrators to use new paradigms and teaching methods to support learning in the classroom.”– Deadline: June 28, 2013

Student Conference on International Law, Jerusalem “SCIL Jerusalem aims to create a balanced academic learning process to introduce a group of skilled students from around the world to the practical complexities behind the theory of international law. As we believe in the power of learning through experiencing, SCIL Jerusalem is not just about hearing lectures and speakers; the conference incorporates tours of strategic and conflicted areas, a noteworthy line up of speakers and a unique experience in Jerusalem – city of great importance to many religions, cultures and national groups around the world.”– July 30-31, 2012



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