Lesson Plans

Sabrina Molz, English Teacher in Germany

“I taught a session of five lessons focusing on the TakingOnTheGiant.com site with my students who between 14 and 15-years-old. I left students work in pairs and pick one of the stories which they thought were interesting to them. In a short speech, they introduced their chosen person, the story and background information they found on the Internet about their topic. They understood the stories, but still had to look up a lot of words, which allowed them to use an online dictionary. I was very happy about the session and will repeat it. Thank you for taking the effort and collecting these stories and putting them online.”


Paul Butts, English Teacher in France

In France, all teachers of English, Spanish and Italian are required to have a segment on heroes.  Some teachers are opting to steer their students toward inspiring young people, ranging from social entrepreneurs to athletes.   Below is a lesson plan by one English teacher from Montpelier for his French high school class.  There is a description of the plan including videos, transcripts and homework.  The description of the segment’s objectives is in French but look for an English translation shortly.  Click here for lesson plan and worksheets.



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