17 yr-old is arrested trying to debate Cabinet Minister

Monday, July 23rd, 2012 by

Bashir Mohamed, 17, activist fighting for refugees

Seventeen year-old Bashir Mohamed, himself a Kenyan refugee, is upset with restrictive health policies a Canadian Cabinet official is imposing on refugees in that country. That cabinet minister, Jason Kenney, has made headlines recently for calling a Canadian Deputy Premier an A—hole as well as staging a fake swearing-in ceremony on TV.  Since Bashir couldn’t get the minister to talk with him, he put on a shirt and tie, paid forty dollars to go to the ministers fund raising BBQ. When Bashir tried to debate the minister, he was hauled out of the meeting and arrested. According to Bashir, when he introduced himself by saying, “Hello, I’m Bashir Mohamed and I am a refugee,” the minister said, “Well, that’s great for you,” and turned his back.

Bashir’s action has focused as much attention on this issue following several doctor groups who have also come out against the restrictions.  Bashir said that he has Canadian citizenship, which he earned by five years for teaching twelve and thirteen year olds about citizenship.  TakingOnTheGiant.com will watch developments.  Bashir is probably not finished.

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