Student, 17, Invents Life-Saving Miracle Gel

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It’s a sunny day, and you are driving to get your morning coffee. Everything seems to be going the same as usual, until a car swerves into you and crashes your car into a pole. Your ­­­arm is spewing blood – what do you do?

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At the age of 17, Joe Landolina came up with the concept of a gel to quickly stop  bleeding. The idea came to him when he had to create a product a superhero would use for one of his application questions to NYU Polytechnic School of Engineering. His invention Veti-Gel contains plant polymers that reassemble inside a wound to take on the properties of the surrounding tissue. It takes on the properties of the extracellular matrix, which joins the tissues together. Its primary goal is to activate the body’s clotting process. Once the gel has stopped the bleeding, it can be removed or be absorbed by the body.

Joe intends for this revolutionary product to be easily accessible for humans to acquire over-the-counter in the future.After he got accepted into NYU-Poly, Joe entered Venti-Gel into the 2011 Time Warner Cable Inno/Vention competition. Participants had the task of creating an innovation that would shape the world for the better through technological advances. With the positive feedback Joe had gotten from the contest, he started his own company, Suneris Inc., to help get the word out on Veti-Gel. He teamed up with Isaac Miller, another competitor in the competition, and has created a brand for himself.

While it is currently available to use in veterinary practices, it is still undergoing approval from the Food and Drug Administration for humans to use. Despite the obstacles Veti-Gel still faces, Joe is continuing to research and improve his product. Under the supervision of a cardiovascular surgeon, he hopes to test the gel out on bigger animals and has received funding from private donors.  He has also found time to teach a freshmen seminar on entrepreneurship at NYU-Poly, in which he educates students that were in his same position. In the future, he hopes to create other medical technologies that would help shape the world.


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