Kosovo Summer Program ”Students from around the globe who are interested in learning about conflict resolution, leadership training and diplomacy should apply. Our program takes a comprehensive look at the Kosovo/Serbia conflict and leadership training with real life simulations. At the end of the the program we will have a cultural presentation where each countries participants can share their culture with the program class.”– Sign up to receive 2014 program information.

Roma Access Programs The Roma Access Programs (RAP) is an externally funded unit at Central European University, Budapest that helps young Roma students to progress in their academic and professional careers. The long-term goal of RAP is to prepare young, outstanding Roma students to conduct local and international academic and advocacy work and to serve as role models and leaders for the Roma community overall.

FGI’s Summer Course in Kosovo ”Through a combined theoretical and empirical approach, these courses will equip diplomats, professionals and students with the critical understanding they require to tackle conceptual and practical challenges at the intersection of religion and foreign policy practice.”– August 5 – 17, 2013

International Workshop on Youth Initiative, Leadership and Entrepreneurial Development, Finland “This workshops offers “50 fellowships to join the ‘WNYLE International Workshop 2013′, which will be held in Tampere on 7-8 October 2013. Talented youth with leadership or entrepreneurial potential between 15 and 29 years old of any nationality is eligible to apply for admission and fellowship. The financial support covers a round trip ticket, daily allowance and accommodation of selected youth participants.”– October 7-8, 2013



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