Jams & Programs – YES! – Connecting, Inspiring and Collaborating with Young Changemakers

Yes! is a nonprofit that connects, inspires and collaborates with change-makers to build thriving, just and balanced ways of life for all, working primarily with people ages 18-35.

It organizes annual Jams, which create a space where inspiring young change-makers can build community, and together forge bridges of solidarity and partnership towards the creation of a thriving, just and sustainable world for all.

Some of the key principles behind the Jams are:

  1. ALL ISSUES ARE CONNECTED and CENTRAL: The Jam does not seek to push any particular issue or position, but to hold space for and honor the intermingling and contrast of a diversity of issues. We believe that the more aware we are of other people’s work and how it connects to ours, the more effective we are.
  1. CONNECTING THE DOTS: When some of us were children we used to love to play the connect the dots game. Probably because it was so simple. The full and complete picture was already there. A series of dots that, when connected, formed the outline of a picture. When we first saw one, we may have been very confused. It looked like chaos. There was no order to it. But then someone showed us how the dots connected. The movement for social change is too big for any one of us to imagine taking on. Each one of us is a moving dot on this page. Every new idea for the healing of this planet is a dot. Every new network, group or business that is committed to a better world is another dot. The Jams connect some of those dots.

There are several Jams taking place around the world that can be applied for, including in Morocco and Pakistan.

For more information and to apply, please check out the link below:  http://www.yesworld.org/connect/jams/



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