Pedro Lourenco: one of the world’s youngest fashion designers; called “Wunderkind” by Vogue

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Between the ages of 7 and 10, Pedro Lourenco designed his first fashion collection. At 12, he showed his first collection in Sao Paulo, while, when he was 19, he presented his first ready-to-wear collection in Paris, which received critical acclaim. Vogue Magazine has deemed the young Brazilian as a fashion “wunderkind.”


With two of Brazil’s most successful designers, Reinaldo Lourenço and Gloria Coelho, as his parents, 22-year-old Pedro likes to say that he “grew up with fashion in his veins.”

His style has been compared to Nicolas Ghesquière for its architectural and visually-challenging style. In terms of his design vision, Pedro likes to add materials not usually found in fashion and to break classical clothes with unexpected elements.

Regarding his inspiration sources, the young designer stresses that “there is no rule or limit to it. I always think about clothes. When I go to a restaurant or a club, when I watch a movie or study architecture and landscapes. Landscapes inspire me a lot; from urban cities to the desert.”

Pedro reveals that while certain characteristics of his work remain constant, he is continuously in the process of learning and he is not afraid of experimenting. The young designer explains: “I love to get obsessed with things and afterwards change extremely while keeping my identity.”

In terms of his upcoming plans, the young Brazilian entrepreneur reveals that he is focusing on “establish the brand in the main stores worldwide, to be respected for my designs and the quality of my product, to be able to invest more in human resources, in production and material technology, and to become a global company.”

Referencing his personal experience, the Brazilian designer extends a useful piece of advice to other aspiring fashion designers:  “[…] you have to be strong and show you are consistent: not everyone trusts a new designer at the first sight. Even if you will have great ideas you also have to know how to manage make a company work with good management.” 



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